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Staying safe on campus

College Campus Safety


On a college tour, a parent will invariably ask the student tour guide about safety and their child will invariably roll their eyes. But safety is a real concern, whether on a large or small, urban, suburban or rural campus. Most colleges will have at least one safety system in place. Among the most common are “blue light” stations  – essentially emergency alarms that a student can activate to alert campus security that they are in need of assistance. Many campuses have more recently turned to safety apps in place of, or in addition to, blue lights. And almost all campus security will drive a student home from the library late at night if they do not want to walk back to their dorm alone. Despite the security options colleges provide, students are often reluctant to take advantage of a late-night ride home (a common refrain, “I was too embarrassed to ask”) or ask a friend to monitor their walk home on a safety app (“mom, everyone was already asleep, but you should be happy I was studying so late”). Before your son or daughter goes off to college, it’s a great idea to gently remind them how much you love them and want them to be safe! For more details, here is a quick primer on how to stay safe on campus.