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The value of a liberal arts education

Why majoring in English is always a good choice! 

In our new COVID world – where there is record unemployment and the shape of our economic recovery is unknown – many parents and students believe that certain majors will be more likely than others to land you a job in a weak economy. After the 2008 recession, for example, there was a decline in students studying in the humanities, especially English, a decline that never rebounded despite the strong economy in the U.S. in the years just prior to the virus outbreak.  Of course we all want our children to graduate from college and launch successfully into adulthood with exciting career opportunities, but the research is clear that except for certain skill-based jobs (accounting, nursing, engineering, for example,), what you study is not critical. Employers want college graduates who can communicate effectively, think innovatively and problem solve creatively. Recent college graduates credit their soft skills – emotional intelligence, adaptability and the ability to persuade and collaborate – as the most valuable benefits they received in college. So, if your college student wants to study English, there is sound research to support the conclusion that they will be just as marketable in the job world as the student who studies marketing. For a quick read on the value of an English degree, check out this resource.