Volunteer: Do Good and Feel Good Too!

Your high school student has been quarantined since March. Her plans for a fabulous summer building homes with Habitat for Humanity have been shelved. Summer programs abroad and on college campuses have been cancelled. What should your child do?

This may be the summer of Covid-19, but there are plenty of volunteer opportunities that are virtual and rewarding. Volunteering has value beyond satisfying high school community service hours and “looking good” on a college application. In fact, volunteering is an excellent opportunity to gain experience, develop new skills, grow as a leader, and expand a network of contacts that may be valuable down the road. Most importantly, there is the intrinsic value of volunteering, the fulfilling feeling of being part of a community, even if it is remote from your kitchen table. Now is the time to start, so your student can devote a solid six weeks to a cause they believe in.

Here are some excellent organizations for high school students to consider:




Other options for students who are politically inclined include volunteering with a campaign – there are many state and local campaigns, not just the presidential campaigns – or a non-profit aligned with an issue important to your student. Students can work on voter registration and fundraising from their own house, while also feeling connected to a larger cause.