How Will Colleges Evaluate Your Spring 2020 Transcript

Many high school students are concerned with how colleges will evaluate their spring 2020 transcripts, particularly if their school year ended early or if their high school converted grades to pass/fail. Colleges and universities understand that all students are in the same situation – everyone’s spring semester was upended. Colleges will have students’ grades from previous semesters and may also look more closely at grades from the fall semester of senior year. In fact, one reason colleges may eliminate early action or early decision admission options (as Princeton recently did) is to have fall semester grades from all applicants. Admissions officers will also assess the rigor of students’ classes – so this year is no time for senior slacking! Most importantly, admissions officers have stressed that they will be flexible in reading applications for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle, and that all evaluations will be made with an understanding of the unprecedented circumstances in which we are all living.

This article from Inside Higher Education is an excellent read and includes links to a recent statement from Admissions Deans, “Care Counts in Crisis: College Admissions Deans Respond to Covid.19.” Both are worth your time.